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Litter & Litter Prevention

Where can I report litter and/or illegal dump sites?
You can report existing litter and/or illegal dump sites to your local county judge, sheriff’s office, or the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). ADEQ has a convenient online form available here.

Where can I report littering on Arkansas roadways?
The Arkansas Department of Transportation and Arkansas Highway Police manage a 24-hour, toll-free hotline where citizens can anonymously report littering on Arkansas roadways by calling 866-811-1222 or by using their online form. You will be asked to provide the date, time, and location where the littering occurred. They’ll also ask for a description of the vehicle (make, model, color) and the license plate number, as well as the item littered and from which side of the vehicle it was discarded.

What happens when you report someone to ARDOT’s Litter Hotline?
The owner of the vehicle reported will receive a letter stating litter originating from their vehicle was observed by another motorist and had a law enforcement officer witnesses this action instead, significant fines would be imposed.

How can I Adopt-A-Highway?
The Arkansas Department of Transportation’s Adopt-A-Highway Program allows volunteer groups to adopt a section of state highway for the purpose of litter control. More information on this program can be found here.

What litter resources do you have available?
Visit our Prevent Litter Page to learn more about resources available in Arkansas.


How can I recycle in my community?
Connect with your local Solid Waste District to find out your local options for recycling and disposing of waste. Find your Solid Waste District here.

What is America Recycles Day?
America Recycles Day is a national event aimed to educate Americans about the importance of recycling. It is celebrated each year on November 15. You can learn more on our America Recycles Day Page.

What recycling resources do you have available?
Visit our Recycle Page to learn more about resources available in Arkansas.


Do you provide free seeds or garden tools?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide these items. We recommend connecting to your local Cooperative Extension Service to see if they can help support your efforts.

Do you provide free trees?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide trees. We recommend connecting with the Arkansas Forestry Commission or the Arkansas Urban Forestry Council to see if they can help support your efforts.

What beautification resources do you have available?
Visit our Beautify Page to learn more about resources available in Arkansas.

Getting Involved

How can I register a cleanup event with you?
Visit our Cleanups Page to access event forms, planning and promotional support materials, and more!

How can I volunteer with you? What local events are in my area?
Visit our calendar of events to find an opportunity near you.

How can I volunteer if I don’t want to join an event or if there aren’t any registered events in my area?
Visit our Litter Grabber Program page to learn more about our volunteer program for individuals that are uninterested or unable to volunteer at cleanup events.

Is my city or county a certified affiliate of Keep America Beautiful?
Visit our Affiliate Page to learn more about certified affiliates of Keep America Beautiful in Arkansas.

Who is the commissioner for my district?
Visit the Commission Page to learn more about Keep Arkansas Beautiful’s 9 Governor-appointed commissioners.

Does Keep Arkansas Beautiful have grants available?
Keep Arkansas Beautiful currently has grants available to certified Keep America Beautiful affiliates. To learn more about becoming an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, click here.

Does Keep Arkansas Beautiful accept donations?
The Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission is a part of the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism and is funded by 1% of the 1/8 cent Conservation Tax. The Keep Arkansas Beautiful Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that helps support the Commission’s efforts that cannot be funded by tax dollars. You can learn more about the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Foundation by visiting their website here.

What resources do you have for kids?
Visit our Classroom Resources Page to learn more about resources available in Arkansas.


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