Otto the Otter

“We all ‘Otto’ help keep Arkansas beautiful!”

"Otto the Otter" is Keep Arkansas Beautiful's first-ever educational animal mascot! Born in June 2017, Otto has been making a huge splash in Arkansas ever since! Otto is a North American River Otter who travels across the state helping educate about the importance of environmental conservation, anti-littering, recycling and beautification. He is here to remind Arkansans, and everyone visiting The Natural State, that: "YOU OTTO NOT LITTER"!

"Otto the Otter and the Great Arkansas Mystery" children's book. Enjoy a free online read of Keep Arkansas Beautiful's first-ever children's book.


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OTTO THE OTTER'S FIRST CARTOON! Enjoy a free animated adaption of Keep Arkansas Beautiful's book "Otto the Otter and the Great Arkansas Mystery". CLICK HERE TO WATCH NOW

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Where’s Otto? Click the link to see where Otto the Otter has been in his travels across Arkansas!

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