Keep Arkansas Beautiful Logo

The logo design for Keep Arkansas Beautiful represents all the clean, green and beautiful aspects of The Natural State.

Arkansas is full of different types of landscapes. From the hikable mountains to the rolling hills, from the dense forests, winding streams and rivers, bustling cities and rural small towns, to the Delta farmlands and deep swamps, Arkansas is a diverse and beautiful place to live, work and play!

The trees, mountains and rows of crops all appear in groups of “threes” … this is to remind us of the three parts of the Keep Arkansas Beautiful mission: to educate and prevent litter, promote recycling, and maintain our state’s scenic beauty.

The shape of our logo looks a little like a diamond (which can be found in Arkansas; we are the only state that produces them!) BUT…the shape is actually a hexagon! Hexagons have six sides and is the shape that honeybees build when they make their hives and store honey. The honeybee is the state insect of Arkansas! There is also a beehive included in the Great Seal of the State of Arkansas.

ALL of these ideas in our logo are there to remind us that we can work together to improve our communities by: EDUCATING, PREVENTING LITTER, PROMOTING RECYCLING, AND KEEPING ARKANSAS BEAUTIFUL!

Check out our educational video, "Learn About Our Keep Arkansas Beautiful Logo", HERE.

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