Keep Our School Beautiful Program

Keep Our School Beautiful (KOSB) is a service club for schools in Arkansas designed to complement existing service clubs or stand on its own. KOSB is available for all levels of schools from Pre-K to 12th grade. KOSB shares current opportunities of service and practices with our youth. The goals of the KOSB club are to encourage students to take an active role in the ecological health of their community by mirroring the mission of Keep Arkansas Beautiful. Through hands-on participation in these programs, students will be stewards of their own environment and better equipped to communicate these issues to their peers and the public.



1. Create environmental awareness/stewardship.

2. Promote recycling.

3. Assist the school in the education of environmental issues.

4. Provide community service hours & opportunities.

5. Empower students to take a proactive approach to environmental concerns.

6. Broaden awareness of the negative effects litter has on our environment.

7. Instill a sense of common mutual responsibility for service.

8. Offer leadership opportunities.


• Consist of 5 or more students and 1 adult representative/advisor/sponsor.

• Hold a minimum of 6 meetings a year.

• Elect officers, consisting of a club president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. (exempt for elementary)

• Participate in the following Keep Arkansas Beautiful programs:

- Great American Cleanup (annually March 1-May31). Must register your cleanup effort to receive free cleanup supplies. *

- Great Arkansas Cleanup (annually Saturday after Labor Day to Oct. 31). Must register your cleanup effort to receive free cleanup supplies. *

• Develop and implement at least 1 project each year involving either:

- Community/school beautification

- Environmental education related to litter

- Recycling/waste reduction

• Submit a year-end report of the club’s accomplishments due before the final week of school or before final exams begin at the end of the school year.

*Note - Cleanup supplies are available on a first come, first serve basis and while supplies last.

Club Projects:

KOSB clubs are required to develop and implement at least 1 school specific project each year. Innovative and exemplary projects from a club in good standing may be recognized by Keep Arkansas Beautiful by in-person visits and/or recognition via social media, video interviews, etc.

Keep Arkansas Beautiful may be able to help provide tools, resources, and materials, to assist with the implementation of your project. Please contact us in advance to discuss your project for approval and its needs. Approval, signed from school administration, will need to be submitted electronically to KAB in advance.

Project Examples

1. Community/School Beautification:

➢ Create or improve a school or other public space.

➢ Litter removal

➢ Graffiti abatement

➢ Tree/seedling planting

➢ Create a project for Arbor Day in Arkansas. (annually the third Monday in March)

2. Conservation:

➢ Create and implement an energy conservation plan for something related to the school or other public space.

➢ Create and implement a water conservation plan for a public or school space.

➢ Create a reusing initiative at your school. For example: scrap paper bin, water bottles, books, thrifting bins, clothing exchange, encouraging recycling at school events.

➢ Create a project for Earth Day related to an Arkansas location.

3. Environmental Education:

➢ Education presentation taught to a target audience.

➢ Create a video presentation about Keep Arkansas Beautiful.

➢ Create a public service announcement (PSA) (high school clubs may submit PSA to Ozark Media Arts Festival Film Competition for Keep Arkansas Beautiful). Club submissions will not exclude a club member from submitting their own PSA as well.

➢ Create or join an environmental education opportunity around Earth Day.

4. Recycling/Waste Reduction:

➢ Create or improve upon the current recycling program at your school.

➢ Participate and/or create a project for America Recycles Day. annually on Nov. 15

To finalize registration:

Once you receive your confirmation email and copy of the completed form, please provide to an authorized administrator for signature, scan and email signed copy back to



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