KAB announces tiller grant winner

Arkansas Interfaith & Power awarded grant for The Promise Garden in Little Rock

The Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission (KAB) announced Arkansas Interfaith Power & Light (AIPL) as the winner of the Troy-Bilt Colt FT Garden Tiller grant.

Arkansas Interfaith Power & Light currently works with The Promise Garden, located at 12th and Peyton streets in Little Rock. This teaching garden offers hands-on training and resources that allow neighbors to begin personal gardens at home. AIPL has been involved in the garden since 2013; the garden benefits 40 families.

AIPL’s goal behind The Promise Garden is to teach self-sufficient and sustainable methods for growing local, fresh and organic foods, while providing cooking classes utilizing produce from the garden. Arkansas Interfaith Power & Light’s hope is to develop a “food oasis” in what is currently described as a “food desert,” or an area that offers little to no fresh food.

The tiller, donated to KAB by Keep America Beautiful, has a value of $420 and will help AIPL expand its garden, giving it the ability to provide for more families. Its plan for the extra produce is to share it through the food pantry at the 12th Street Clinic. AIPL also plans to educate neighbors and families on how to properly use a tiller.

Keep Arkansas Beautiful began accepting grant applications online July 5 and closed the grant on August 1. AIPL will be awarded the grant at a Great Arkansas Cleanup event planned for Sept. 8 in Little Rock.

“We are so excited to be able to help a local community by providing the tools needed to help educate and feed families,” said Liz Philpott, volunteer program manager of KAB. “We truly believe that Arkansas Interfaith Power & Light will make great use of this tiller, and continue to teach and provide for families in Little Rock.”


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