Stay Green During Great Outdoors Month

June is Great Outdoors Month, the perfect time to explore Arkansas!

Arkansas’ green spaces are bursting with adventures to share with those willing to discover them. Outdoor enthusiasts can find hundreds of miles of hiking, boating, backpacking and trails to explore in Arkansas.

117291Delta Heritage Trail State Park,
a rails-to-trail green space project

At Keep Arkansas Beautiful, we believe these natural places and green spaces create a sense community and foster stewardship our of shared environment. To that end, we each have the opportunity to take control of the trash left along our trails and keep these shared green spaces clean and litter-free for others to enjoy.

While you’re out and about, make sure to keep up with any trash you accumulate on the trail and look out for litter along the way. The mantra “Leave No Trace” means that we not only take personal responsibility to keep our trails and waterways litter-free but we also pitch in to clean up after others who aren’t as conscientious. Clean outdoor spaces foster civic pride, improve a community’s liveability and help sustain our natural resources. Ridding green spaces and trails of litter is the responsibility of all of us who call Arkansas home.

RazorbackTrailThe Razorback Regional Greenway

Several communities have embraced trails and green spaces as places where Arkansans want to live, work, play and visit. In Northwest Arkansas, the Razorback Regional Greenway takes you from downtown Bentonville to downtown Fayetteville; the trail is both recreational and an alternative to commuting via automobile. Clarksville has built an extensive trail system, encouraging its residents to be active and to travel around town by walking or cycling. Other planned trails and green spaces (including public parks) can be found around the state – in Hot Springs, Helena-West Helena, Paragould, Little Rock and any number of other communities.

Spadra Creek Nature Trail in Clarksville

Keeping our eyes out for litter during Great Outdoors Month is an important part of caring for our home and creating a cleaner, greener and even more beautiful Arkansas. Remember, while out adventuring in the great State of Arkansas, dispose of your trash properly and Leave No Trace!

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