Recycling in Arkansas

Last year, Arkansans recycled nearly 3 millions tons of waste. Instead of throwing something in the trash that will end up in a landfill, you can easily incorporate recycling practices in your home or workplace.

Here is how you can start recycling:

  • Research what materials can be recycled near you. Find what materials can be recycled near you here:
  • Grab a few bins for collecting your recyclables – we suggest reusing a few cardboard boxes or plastic bins.
  • Print signs or draw on the containers to identify what materials are being collected (for example: paper, plastic, glass, etc.). You can include the recognizable recycle symbol so others can easily identify these bins.
  • Spread the word – let everyone in your house or workplace know the recycling bins are available for use.
  • Continue to educate others about the recycling options available when you see them disposing of recyclable items in the trash.
  • When your recycle bins are full, take them to your local recycling center. You can locate these centers here:


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