Recycling glass can prove to be rather challenging. We put together a list of resources, events, and DIY projects that can make recycling and upcycling glass a little easier and hopefully more fun!


Ace Glass:  With several drop off locations and residential pickup available in and around the Little Rock area, thanks to Ace Glass, recycling glass just got a whole lot easier.

Are your glass items are recyclable? Check out the Ace Glass Recycling Guide.

For Residential Pickup information click here:

For Free Drop Off Locations in Central Arkansas click here:

Not from or near the Little Rock area? Save your recyclable glass items and bring them to any Ace Glass drop off location next time you’re traveling to the metro area.


America Recycles Day: Mark your calendar! Each year on November 15th, Keep Arkansas Beautiful teams up with Keep Little Rock Beautiful for an annual America Recycles Day event hosted by KLRB. Store your glass items (and any other items you wish to recycle or dispose of) throughout the year and bring them with you on November 15th to be dropped off and recycled by Ace Glass and other vendors.

While you’re there, stay awhile! This event is always a lot of fun and includes a host of other recycling, waste management and shredding vendors, activities, booths, food, live music and entertainment and so much more! This is a family and pet-friendly (including our favorite otter, Otto!) event so be sure to mark your calendars and check back in for times and location.

Continue to regularly check our Calendar of Events throughout the year for recycling, shredding, beautification and cleanup events near you.


Unable to recycle your glass but want to keep it out of the landfill? Here are a few do-it-yourself ideas to try at home with your glass items.

Gardening Helpers: Glass bottles are the perfect DIY watering bottles for your plants. It’s easy! Dig a hole beside your plant (large enough to fit the neck of the bottle in). Fill the glass bottle up with water. Turn the bottle upside down, stick the neck down in the hole you dug beside your plant and let gravity do the rest! A cheap and practical alternative to those glass watering globes you can buy from the store, these repurposed bottles are a perfect and useful addition to potted plants and garden beds.

Arts and Crafts and So Much More: There are lots of cool ways and ideas to reuse glass and we want to try them all! Turning everyday glass items into works of art and gifts are some of our favorites. Here are a few ideas you can try too!

Soak the labels off then paint and use your glass bottle or jar as a unique flower vase, storage container or candle holder. If you don’t want to or can’t remove the label, simply place a sticker or glue artwork right over the existing label for an easy DIY project.

Small glass containers, like these versatile yogurt cups (pictured below, that we LOVE) have so many everyday uses. We have used them as condiment dippers, measuring cups, for food prep, storage, as tealight and votive candle holders, planters, seed starters, paint cups and so much more!

Homemade Goodness: Glass bottles and jars can also be used in fun ways to create your own homemade seasonings, dressings, syrups, infused oils, for canning and jarring fruits and veggies and DIY beauty products, to name a few. These beautiful homemade treats make great gifts to sit on your neighbor or loved one’s front porch for a nice surprise during this quarantine…or anytime!

For the Kitchen: For dressing, just add vinegar, olive oil and your own blend of herbs and spices and be sure to shake well before each use. Want a fast and easy way to peel your garlic? Stick whole, pressed cloves of garlic into a glass bottle or jar and secure the lid or stopper. Shake it like you want to break it (except don’t actually break it!) and watch as the shell detaches itself from the garlic. Voila, freshly peeled garlic is ready for use! Planning to make jellies, jams, and pickled veggies? Save your sauce and jelly jars and lids and reuse them when canning fruits and vegetables from your garden.

Spa Treatments: Mix Epsom salt and Himalayan pink salt with your choice of essential oils and dried flowers and store in mason jars or empty bottles for a relaxing detox bath soak. Combining coconut and olive oil, tea tree and peppermint essential oils and raw sugar makes a nourishing at home hair mask treatment that lasts several weeks in a glass container.

When it comes to reusing glass the possibilities are endless! Start saving those wine corks and bottles and we think you’ll be amazed at the interesting and practical ways you’ll find to reuse them. Please share with us the fun and unique ways you are reusing your glass jars and bottles. We would love to see your photos and videos! As always, thank you for doing your part to keep Arkansas beautiful. Stay safe, friends!

Check back soon for a post all about gardening!

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