Trashy Style Show

This staged runway show is designed to entice viewers into thinking they will witness a bona fide preview of fresh, exciting new clothing fashions. Billed as “an enlightening look at what The Natural State will be wearing,” the Trashy Style Show instead conveys the dramatic message that Arkansas is carelessly “coated” in litter.


As the first “model” emerges wearing a garment that is covered in a specific type of litter the audience will quickly realize this is no ordinary fashion show. The model is wearing clothing (lab coat, bathrobe, coat, smock, apron, etc.) covered in a specific form of litter, i.e. aluminum cans, plastic beverage bottles, or different paper items, attached to the apparel. Subsequent “models” will be similarly clothed in a different form of the most commonly found litter in the state, each representing one of 12 different litter categories.

The Trashy Style Show has been successfully produced at the Arkansas State Capitol and the Governor’s Conference on Tourism and in the Crossett (Ashley County) School District. This is an engaging and fun production for school assemblies or community talent shows. Download your Trashy Style Show script today!




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