Host a Recycling Drive at Home

You don’t have to invest in an electric vehicle, stop eating meat, or go completely off the grid to make a positive impact on the world around you. While all those things certainly would help reduce your environmental footprint, there are other, more manageable ways you can raise awareness and make a difference right where you live.

Simply making the effort to educate people you know about simple concepts can make a big impact. An at-home recycling drive, for example, is a great way to get family members, friends, and neighbors involved in an easy, earth-friendly activity. In fact, if you plan, promote, and implement the event using the tips below, you may be able to reach even further into your community with your practical message of conservation.

What is recyclable?

Before you can begin planning your event, it’s imperative you know exactly what is recyclable and how you will recycle it. Depending on where you live, recycling facilities vary greatly. In most cases, figuring out what services are offered by your local government, as well as charitable organizations and private, for-profit companies, and how to best take advantage of them will take some research. Once you know the following, you can figure out the logistics of helping people recycle their belongings at your event and educate them on how to continue to do so afterward.

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