National Re-Gifting Day

National Re-Gifting Day comes around each year on the Thursday before Christmas. Though the idea of re-gifting may not be a very popular idea amongst most, it is actually beneficial to the environment. By opting to re-gift an item you no longer use or do not want, the re-gifted item stays out of the landfill and finds a new home.

About 14 percent of individuals surveyed said re-gifting has become popular as a method of recycling. Not sure how to celebrate this day? Here are some tips on what you can do to get prepared:

  • Re-gift only when certain the recipient will enjoy your (unwanted) gift. If at any time you referred to it as junk, clutter or dust collector, it’s probably not re-giftable.
  • The gift is brand new (aka unused!) and in its original packaging. No, hand me downs!
  • Don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. If the gift had special meaning to the original giver, don’t re-gift.
  • Don’t re-gift if the item is handmade or personalized. If Uncle Joe spent his spare hours whittling that panic whistle, you should keep it.

More tips available at National Day Calendar.

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