National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

The cooler winter weather gives many of us a much-appreciated break from the summer heat, but this is not the case for your HVAC system. Cold weather means our heaters are running –  sometimes constantly –  to give us relief from the coldest winter days. You might have noticed that this has made your energy bills higher. Fortunately, there are several ways to lower your electric bill this winter. Find out why your bills could be higher this winter and what you could do to save money on your next one.

Why is my electric bill so high in the winter?

  1. You’re home more. There’s nothing like cold weather to make us want to stay in our warm, comfortable homes. By spending more time at home, we’re using lights, heat, TV and other electronics to keep us warm and entertained. Winter break means kids are home from school, which increases electricity use.
  2. Temperature drops. In most of the United States, the coldest days of the year are around mid-December to late January, which results in more work for our heating systems. The larger the gap between the outside temperatures and the inside temperatures, the harder your system has to work to keep the temperature inside warm and toasty.
  3. Holiday decorations. The holidays are often a time for a plethora of festive lights and other energy-consuming decorations. The extra lighting can take a toll on your electricity usage, especially if you’re an enthusiastic lighting display artist.

For more tips, go to Direct Energy.

Credit: Jessica Bivins

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