How to sow seeds outdoors

The best time to sow seeds

Try to match weather conditions with your seeds’ preferences so they don’t languish in the garden — the sooner seeds germinate, the less likely they are to rot in the ground. Check out the information below to help choose the right time to plant.

What’s the best day to direct-sow seeds?

  • Your prepared bed has been rained on (or watered) so the soil is moist and the seeds can absorb water.
  • It’s overcast so the sun doesn’t dry the soil too quickly.
  • Air temperatures in the next week will only vary 10 to 18 degrees. This makes it easier on emerging seedlings.
  • Mild temperatures are predicted. Most seeds germinate best at 64 to 72 degrees F. If it’s too cold and wet, the seeds might rot; if it’s too hot, the soil can dry out.
  • There aren’t any big storms predicted in the next week. Heavy rain washes out seeds and smashes tender seedlings.

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