CLPP Grant Awarded to Keep Van Buren Beautiful


Congratulations, Keep Van Buren Beautiful!

Cigarette Litter Prevention Program Grant Awarded

One of the many ways that Keep America Beautiful supports communities across the country – and in Arkansas – is through its Cigarette Litter Prevention Program (CLPP).

Once again, Keep Van Buren Beautiful (KVBB) has been selected by Keep America Beautiful as a CLPP grant recipient. KVBB is one of 77 successful applicants nationwide. CLPP received a total of 108 applicants this year.


This grant program provides funding for Keep America Beautiful affiliates to conduct cigarette-butt counts in their communities.

This year, KVBB will conduct its cigarette-butt count beginning at the Van Buren County Courthouse and ending at the Excursion Train Station. This has been identified as the area of highest tourism traffic.

“Cigarette butts are not necessarily something that the average resident sees because they don’t always walk with their heads down. However, those butts start to accumulate,” said John Pope, director of KVBB and KAB commissioner.

When conducting the cigarette-butt count, KVBB will go to each address within the identified area and mark the number of butts found on the street, curb and sidewalk. This helps identify where the high-traffic areas are.

Once the high-traffic area is determined, cigarette urns are purchased and strategically placed. After six months, KVBB scans the area again for butts to report if there is an increase or decrease in cigarette litter.

“Nationwide, CLPP has resulted in a 50% decrease in the number of cigarette butts found in the targeted areas,” said Pope. “Although the amount of litter in an area is sometimes still not what you would hope for it to be, overall, the program has been a great success.”

Congratulations, Keep Van Buren Beautiful, and thank you for your hard work!




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