Cigarette Litter in The Natural State

Cigarette litter can have devastating effects on the environmental health of this place we call home – The Natural State. From our roads and highways to our state parks and natural areas, these are not places to trash.

More than 4 trillion cigarette butts are littered worldwide each year; cigarette butts are the No. 1-littered item in Arkansas. There is only one source of cigarette litter, and 75 percent of smokers admit to flicking their butts to the ground.

First and foremost, littering is illegal in Arkansas – all littering, including that cigarette butt. The fine for the first littering offense can be up to $1,000. Cigarette filters are also not biodegradable; they are plastic. And, those butts are toxic, full of the chemicals they filtered from your cigarette, such as arsenic and formaldehyde.

Plenty of places in Arkansas are no longer welcoming to smokers, so where smokers do congregate, let’s provide places for them to dispose of their cigarette butts. Whether it’s an ashtray on the picnic table in the smoking area, an ash receptacle at your business’s door or a coffee can filled with sand, those butts can be disposed of properly.

It takes all of us to preserving the natural beauty of our state. As proud Arkansans, it is our duty to keep The Natural State clean. We can and should work together to help keep Arkansas beautiful by disposing of all litter responsibly.

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