Cigarette Litter in The Natural State

It is time for Arkansans to understand just how toxic cigarette litter is to The Natural State’s environment.

More than 4 trillion cigarette butts are littered each year. They are the No. 1-littered item in Arkansas and worldwide. Eighty percent of those butts will make their way into our rivers, lakes and streams, where we like to boat, ski and fish.

Contrary to popular belief, cigarette butts are not biodegradable and can have devastating impacts on the places we know and love. Those chemicals the butts filter out of the cigarette – such as arsenic and formaldehyde – will leach into the ground and our water supplies.

It takes all of us to preserving the natural beauty of our state. First and foremost, we must stop littering: simply make sure your cigarette butts are placed in an appropriate receptacle. Plenty of places in Arkansas are no longer welcoming to smokers, so where smokers do congregate, let’s provide places for them to dispose of their cigarette butts. Whether it’s an ashtray on the picnic table in the smoking area, an ash receptacle at your business’s door or a coffee can filled with sand, those butts can be disposed of properly.

Littering of any kind – including flicking that butt – is also illegal in Arkansas. Fines for the first offense can cost you up to $1,000! Ask yourself if throwing that cigarette butt on the ground is really worth it.

You can and should help keep Arkansas beautiful by disposing of your cigarette litter responsibly.

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