5 Christmas Tree Ornaments You Can Make From Trash

From burned-out light bulbs to empty paper towel rolls, learn how to transform your unwanted stuff into unique Christmas tree ornaments.

1. Light Bulb = Snowman

Don’t trash those burned-out light bulbs! Upcycle them into sparkling snowman ornaments instead. Get step-by-step instructions >>

2. Mason Jar Bands = Mini Wreaths

Are spare Mason jar bands from past canning projects cluttering up your kitchen drawers? Learn how to turn them into adorable mini wreath ornaments. Get step-by-step instructions >>

3. Wine Corks = Christmas Tree

Save your wine corks from the holiday party season and transform them into Christmas tree-shaped ornaments. Get step-by-step instructions >>

4. Paper Towel Rolls = Snowflakes

Upcycle a humble paper towel roll into a glittering snowflake ornament with just a few supplies. Get step-by-step instructions >>

5. Puzzle Pieces = Reindeer

Not sure what to do with that old puzzle that’s missing a few pieces? Repurpose it into cute reindeer ornaments for your tree. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

This content was created by Shannon Petrie with HGTV and originally appeared on their website here: https://www.hgtv.com/design/make-and-celebrate/handmade/5-christmas-tree-ornaments-you-can-make-from-trash All photos by Jalynn Baker.

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