Way to go Clean and Green Team!

Way to go Clean and Green Team!

Last month, the Clean and Green team was given orders accepted the challenge to remove litter from Arkansas roadways, rivers, parks, neighborhoods and lakes. With the beauty and well-being our state at stake, Operation Great Arkansas Cleanup commenced.12191273_10156121584865580_2554345730732592286_o

The Clean and Green Team toiled away in the hot sun, in the rain, in the cold, against the wind, down into valleys and up on the hills. After all the hard work put into Operation Great Arkansas Cleanup, the mission was accomplished, and the people of Arkansas came out victorious.

As the Clean and Green Team engaged the enemy, litter scattered trash was put into its place, and previously litter-ridden parts of our state were restored back to their natural beauty.

Now that we’ve cleaned up our state, we need to keep it clean and green. Be on the lookout for any trash misplaced waste that managed to elude the Clean and Green Team during our cleanup efforts, and put it where it belongs – in the trash. And if you see a fellow Arkansan tossing trash onto the ground and aiding litter in its attempt to take over our state – speak up.

Tell everyone you know about the importance of keeping Arkansas clean and green, and help them take personal responsibility for preserving our beautiful state.

Way to go Clean and Green Team, and thank you for your service!

Do you want to be a part of your community’s elite – the beauty brigade that keeps Arkansas Clean and Green? Sign up to serve – we’re always looking for new team members.



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