3 DIY Tips for a Litter Free Holiday

Instead of running to the store to buy new holiday decorations, use ones you already have or make your own. Here are three DIY projects to get you into the holiday spirit and to reduce your carbon footprint this season.

1. Make your own ornaments

There are many recyclable items you can use to make your own ornaments. You can make a small Christmas tree from a plastic two-liter bottle or use lids to make a snowman for your tree.A

2. Christmas Tree

The tree is the centerpiece of all Holiday festivities. We recommend you buy an artificial tree and reuse it every year – most artificial trees can last up to 10 years and will save you money in the long run! However, if you must have the real tree smell in your home, consider planting it after the Holidays – just remember to get a tree with roots. Also, you can check with your local wildlife management organizations like Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to see where you can dispose of your Christmas tree that could become a habitat for fish.

3. Wrapping

As you start purchasing gifts for your loved ones, consider purchasing eco-friendly gifts and using recycled paper, old magazines, newspapers or reuse gift wrap from last year to wrap them.

To learn more, visit ReverseLitter.com.

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