Litter Hotline Campaign

Report Littering by Calling 1-866-811-1222

Arkansas is one of eight states with a Litter Hotline for the public to report litter violations. When you see litter fall, that’s when you call: 1-866-811-1222.

Reporting littering in Arkansas is quick, simple and anonymous. Motorists reporting a violation will be asked to provide the following:

  • Date when the littering occurred
  • Location at which the littering occurred
  • Description of the vehicle, including the license number
  • Description of the item littered
  • Side of vehicle (driver or passenger) from which littering occurred

A letter will then be sent to the vehicle’s owner about the unlawful action and the consequences of littering in Arkansas.

Learn more about the Litter Hotline here.

Promoting the Litter Hotline in Your Community


If your community or organization would like to promote the Litter Hotline in your newspaper, magazine or newsletter, you can select from one of the graphic formats provided below:


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