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More consumers are making travel decisions with the environment in mind, basing their choices on clean and green options offered by operators. Travelers want hotels and lodging facilities that tout eco-friendly practices such as recycling, composting and efficient water management; and diners want restaurants that use sustainable practices in their operations.

Going green not only boosts public perception of a brand, it positively impacts the bottom line. According to the Green Hotels and Responsible Tourism Initiative, many hotels adopting green practices have seen a reduction in energy and water consumption costs by more than 20 percent and solid waste and wastewater disposal costs by more than 15 percent.

Want to join the Green Hotel Initiative? We’ve made it easy. The Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission offers this suite of materials for you to produce to communicate your green initiatives to your customers.

Indoor Receptacle Decal: Recycle
Indoor Receptacle Decal: Trash
Towel Hanger
Towels/Toiletries Tent Card (Customizable)
Towels/Toiletries Tent Card
Brochure/Rack Card (Hotel/Lodging)
Brochure/Rack Card (Restaurant)
Counter Card/Flier (2 Design Options for Hotel/Lodging)
Counter Card/Flier (2 Design Options for Restaurant)
Bed Linens Tent Card
Bed Linens Tent Card (Customizable)
Bed Linens Flat Card
Table Tent (Restaurant)

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