Happy World Otter Day!

Brought to you by Otto the Otter, the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission and our friends at the Little Rock Zoo.

Did You Know?

1. The KAB mascot, Otto, is a North American River Otter! We may be biased but we think otters are the absolute best!

2. You can find river otters in every single county in Arkansas!

3. They don’t always live in rivers. North American River Otters make their homes (dens) on the shorelines of all kinds of aquatic habits, like lakes and streams.

4. Otters may look friendly BUT they are wild animals with razor sharp teeth capable of creating a rather nasty bite! It’s best to follow the “look and don’t touch” rule when you encounter a wild otter.

5. Their main food source is fish. It is important to keep our waterways clean and litter free so that we have a healthy fish population and habitat for all our aquatic wildlife friends!

6. Otters are social creatures and prefer the company of other otters. They will hold onto each other to create a “floating raft” in order stay in a group.

7. You can meet Ray and the rest of his otter crew at the live Otter Exhibit at the Little Rock Zoo!

~Special thanks to the Little Rock Zoo and its staff, especially Carnivore Keeper, Claire, Mangan Holcomb Partners and our Director, Mark Camp, for the making of this video.~

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