Highway 21 Switchback Cleanup – Teagle Creek

Date(s): 04/06/2019
Times: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

The Yell County Wildlife Federation and U.S. Forest Service will host their Highway 21 Switchback Cleanup on a portion of Teagle Creek north of Clarksville on Saturday, April 6, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

ARDOT has already installed nice new “LITTER CREW AHEAD” signs for volunteers on the north and south ends of the work area. Parking is limited. Volunteers will meet at 8:30AM at the U. S. Forest Service Information Center parking lot on Hwy 21 and carpool from there.

Items You Will Need To Bring To The Worksite:
(1) Work gloves – Leather gloves would be best because some of the trash items are broken glass and sharp metal.
(2) Work boots or hiking shoes – These should be high enough to support your ankles because the work area is mainly on steep terrain.
(3) Snacks – Water and snacks will be provided by Scott Smith, State Farm Insurance. Hot dogs will be provided by the Yell County Wildlife Federation at lunch time.
(4) Rope – If you have a nice long rope please bring it. We will have a couple but we could use more. The ropes will be used to pull old used automobile tires (40+) from Teagle Creek up the hillside to Hwy 21.
(5) Hiking stick – If you have a good hiking stick it would help in negotiating the steep hillside. Any stick will do.
(6) Shovel – One of the old automobile tires is partially embedded in the creek bed and will need to be dug out.
(7) Rain gear, just in case.

Be sure to wear clothing with your company or organization logo and your name tag. Thank you in advance for your help. Cleanup efforts could possibly finish by noon depending on the size of the workforce.

For more information, please contact Event Coordinators John Bearden (479-970-8896 or  jbearden@centurylink.net) and Theresa Morgan (479-754-2864, ext. 2881 or theresamorgan@fs.fed.us).

Hosting Business or Organization: Yell County Wildlife Federation and U.S. Forest Service
Hosting Coordinator: John Bearden & Theresa Morgan
Email: jbearden@centurylink.net | theresamorgan@fs.fed.us
Phone Number: 479-970-8896 (John) | 479-754-2864, ext. 2881 (Theresa)


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