Dangerous Debris

Help us curb littering and prevent litter on our roadways.

Cleaner neighborhoods are safer neighborhoods.

1. Arkansas Anti-Litter Law:  Statute 8-6-406

It shall be unlawful to drop, deposit, discard or otherwise dispose of litter upon any public or private property in this state or upon or into any river, lake, pond, or other stream or body of water within this state.

2. More than 200,000 crashes were caused by roadway debris from 2011-2014 across the U.S.*

3. Of those 200,000 crashes, approximately 39,000 were injury accidents and 500 Americans died as a direct cause.*

4. Almost 37 percent of deaths due to road debris were a result of the driver swerving to avoid hitting litter.*

5. Wrecks considered to be debris-related involved:

  • A vehicle struck or was struck by an object that fell from another vehicle
  • A vehicle struck an object in the roadway
  • A vehicle attempted to avoid an object in the roadway and subsequently crashed

6. Arkansas Law for Size and Load Regulations: 27-35-110

No vehicle shall be driven or moved on any highway unless the vehicle is so constructed or loaded as to prevent any of its load from dropping, sifting, leaking, or otherwise escaping therefrom.

7. Tips to securing loose items:

  • Tie down items with rope, netting or straps
  • Tie large objects to the vehicle or trailer
  • Cover load with a tarp or netting
  • Don’t overload the vehicle
  • Before driving off, double check to ensure the load is secure and will not fly out

8. Arkansas Litter Hotline

Citizens can report littering on Arkansas roadways by calling 1-866-811-1222.

Reporting littering in Arkansas is quick, simple and anonymous. Motorists reporting a violation will be asked to provide the following:

  • Date when the littering occurred
  • Location at which the littering occurred
  • Description of the vehicle, including the license number
  • Description of the item littered
  • Side of vehicle (driver or passenger) from which littering occurred

A letter will then be sent to the vehicle’s owner about the unlawful action and the consequences of littering in Arkansas.

Learn more about the Litter Hotline here.

*SOURCE: AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

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