Prevent Litter

Prevent Litter

Arkansas has 100,000 acres of public roadside along its 16,367-mile state highway system, 9,700 miles of streams, and 600,000 acres of lakes… and, unfortunately, litter can be found along all of them!

It costs the State of Arkansas approximately $5 million annually to pick up litter from roadsides. And even though littering is illegal in Arkansas – punishable by a fine and community service – litter continues to be a problem. Common forms of litter in Arkansas include: cigarette butts, plastic foam, food wrappers and containers, paper, glass, plastic and aluminum.

Litter isn’t just an environmental issue. It’s also an economic development issue. When prospective businesses tour a community, they’re looking for a dynamic, growing community where their businesses can grow. When communities have a lot of litter, it simply shows that the people living there don’t care about their town’s future. If they don’t, new businesses won’t, either.

How Litter Happens

It Gets Blown

  • Litter can blow out of a truck bed without the driver knowing.
  • Avoid putting anything in a truck bed that might blow out on the road, and cover all loads to ensure that nothing can blow out.

It Gets Thrown

  • Litter shouldn’t be thrown from a vehicle.
  • Avoid throwing litter out of car windows by keeping a litter bag in the car at all times. Request your free litter bag today!

It Gets Dumped

  • It is illegal to continue dumping your trash at the site where a dumpster once was.
  • These illegal dumping sites can poison groundwater and kill local wildlife.

You Can Report Littering!

Keep Arkansas Beautiful and The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) use a 24-hour, toll-free litter hotline to ask for drivers’ assistance in helping solve the problem. The number is: 1-866-811-1222.

If you spot a littering violation along any streets, roads or highways, call 1-866-811-1222 to report the situation.  All types of trash and all types of vehicles are subject to be reported, whether a cigarette butt or whether thrown from a commercial vehicle, as long as the license plate number is provided. Click here to learn more about the Litter Hotline.

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